80121 residency was founded by Raffaela Naldi Rossano in 2017 in Napoli.
Naldi Rossano is an artist and writer. The program is deeply connected with Naldi Rossano’s ongoing research on post-historical feminine identity and intergenerational transmission as a means to inhabit but also perform history.

The program aims to cultivate a dialogue between artists and various spaces to support the discussion and exhibition of contemporary art through a direct approach and engagement with each setting to encourage a cultural, but also interdisciplinary exchange.

80121 stems from a postcode in Chiaia, Naples which is the location of Naldi Rossano’s childhood house. Coming from a family with a long tradition within the hospitality, the residency program has a particular interest in the process of negotiating, understanding and exchanging notions of the self and the other.

Naples is, deriving from its historical connotations to its urban landscape, a rich and complex melting pot with various layers of cultural significance. The residency will try to provoke a movement of contemporary responses to animate an immobile past in order to generate new meanings and identities.