Hosted in the apartment of her maternal grandmother that was abandoned for many years, Res80121 is the studio of its founder, artist Raffaela Naldi Rossano, as well as an open platform through which to investigate the theme of radical hospitality, experiment with alternative ways of inhabiting a house as a public place, materialize temporary communities, and bring interdisciplinary practices into dialogue.

Since 2017, Res80121 has produced exhibitions, conferences, workshops and performances, welcoming artists, thinkers and creatives from around the world and creating encounters between the local and international scene.

Within it, Naldi Rossano organizes collective work sessions aimed at the production and circulation of horizontal knowledge and the creation of contexts of care and sharing.

The headquarters of the association, which operates activities of experimentation, production and dissemination of contemporary art even outside its spaces, such as for exhibitions and events at Museo Madre, Museo Filangieri, Palazzo Marigliano, is itself intended as a work of art of the founder who intervenes on the apartment as a site-specific and ongoing installation project.