two days of sireneusic initiation led by Raffaela Naldi Rossano and Arnisa Zeqo

On December 16 and 17, Raffaela Naldi Rossano and Arnisa Zeqo will lead two days of sireneusic initiation, to experiment with possible forms of sharing, love and spirituality, exploring alternative ways of living together and practices of collective consciousness. Tied tightly to the practice of Naldi Rossano, and in particular to her project in progress ‘Tessitura-Warp‘ (working title), focused on the rewriting of the founding mythologies of the Mediterranean Sea, and on the use of myth as an open vessel of meaning and desire and a space for narration and shared relationship, the workshops will take place in the spaces of Residency 80121 and in symbolic places of the city, and will culminate in the materialization and transcription of the narratives and symbolic alphabets emerged during the collective experiences onto pillows and sheets. These will serve as a setting to host the presentation of FUORI!!!

Together with these elements, there will be a limited edition, in chalcographic print on bible paper, of the graphic elaboration of the video ‘From History to US’ by Raffaela Naldi Rossano, made in collaboration with the print shop Nancy Granata of Palermo, some original clothes and memorabilia of the Nemesiache, a Neapolitan feminism group operating since the 70s, with some pictorial and textual works of one of its founders, Silvana Campese.

‘The Group of the Nemesiache began its political work in Naples, in 1970, based on the search for creativity and through a historical synthesis and differentiation that started from evaluating as indispensable, for a political growth, separatism as a political practice and therefore the total autonomy from mixed parties and movements; it then developed bringing this its elaboration through the theatrical form and other artistic forms in Rome, in Milan, in Paris.’ (4)

Writer, activist and artist, with the name of Medea, in the feminist group of the Nemesiache of Lina Mangiacapre, Silvana Campese has published the novel ‘Prisma’; the collection of short stories ‘Strada facendo’; the epistolary kept with the friend poet Lello Agretti ‘Contrappunto per soli timpani ed oboe’ and the fantapolitical novel ‘Il ritorno di Cisarò’. She has collaborated with the magazine ‘Mani-Festa’. Among her last publications: ‘La Nemesi di Medea’ (with L’Inedito Edizioni by Fabio Martini) and ‘Parthenope Inferno Celeste’ (Phoenix Film Production 2020).

Participants are: Giulia Bersani, Marta Cannuscio, Claudia Gangemi, Mariagisella Giustino, Sofia Melluso, Doriana Monaco, Teresa Nuvola, Marcella Sciortino

Residency 80121 is a platform for research and experimentation through the constitution of temporary collectives, with the aim of investigating ways of inhabiting a place, domestic or of origin, alternative to the dominant system. Founded in 2017 by the artist Raffaela Naldi Rossano (Naples, 1990), with the coordination of Mariagisella Giustino, the platform follows two guidelines: the artistic practice of Naldi Rossano, which is developed in a project of transformation of her maternal grandmother’s house – the apartment in via Martucci 48, headquarters of the association – and the opening to multidisciplinary community practices of living, in the stratified context of a city like Naples.

On the occasion of Art Days in Naples, the first gestures of care and transformation of the ceilings of the space that the founding artist has carried out, as part of her restoration project through artistic interventions that will make the house habitable, will be visible. In addition, there will be some sculptural elements related to the process of renovation of the terrace and railings designed by the artist.
With its stratifications of energies accumulated during various historical periods on the walls, floors, and ceilings, Residency 80121 wants to be a home for new families, not nuclear or by blood, but linked by imaginative alliances and kinship that here become plausible.