Residency 80121 is pleased to present the first of a series of artists conversations, aiming to examine contemporary poetics and the expressive multiplicity of language, to find new ways of seeing, feeling and experiencing. On April, the conversation with French artist Mathilde Rosier, which, on the occasion of her visit to Naples, will illustrate her own artistic experience, in relation to the use of the body as a tool to shakeup the order of the world and our perception of it. Starting from the idea that restoring a balance with nature is a necessary step to built a new collective conscience, Mathilde Rosier explores the language of the body, through painting, performances and rituality, trying to catch an empathic and impersonal power that, as an expanded “in divenire” moves everything. Intended as a result of discursive and institutional structures, the body is also an instrument through which authority organizes the masses. The delicate albeit resonating hybridizations staged by the artist disclose a possibility of resistance against the ruling socio-political system. Mathilde Rosier will be accompanied by a group of students of Basel Institute Kunst (Art Institute), that will take part to the conversation and will be guided in a tour in Naples by Residency 80121. During their three days stay, the students will approach Naples contemporary art scene, visiting public and private spaces, commercial and non profit, with Mathilde Rosier and Raffaela Naldi Rossano. Residency 80121 headquarters reaffirm their vocation to host exchanges, reflections and research on contemporary art and visual culture.