05.07.2018, FROM 7 PM UNTIL LATE
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Residency 80121 presents MONACIELLO DISCO; a collective chant of poetry, performance and music to share and celebrate creative exchange and involve the public in a tribute to art, diversity and inclusivity.

Residency 80121 continues its journey of experimentation, confirming itself as a place of hospitality which welcomes others, while at the same time catalysing a conversation about contemporary art; that which that involves both international and local artists and the identity of the city of Naples.
With the intention of questioning and redefining a current identity, Residency 80121 creates a singular map of places in which one can breathe the contradictions that exist between past and present to activate a flow of meanings which are always in the flow.

A new satellite extends the mapping of the city: the Museo Filangieri, with its unique identity. Built in the fifteenth century as the Cuomo Palace, it was then reactivated and redefined in the nineteenth century by its founder, Prince Gaetano Filangieri who decided to recover the entire facade and move the building 20 meters, in order to save it from the “Risanamento”, thus giving a new form and meaning to the museum. The museum will remain eternally linked to the figure of its founder: as he himself declared, the subsequent directors would be the embodiment of his person, the topographic collection of his life. Filangieri’s intent was to discover new cultures and rebuild their meanings through the study of the objects he himself collected during his countless voyages. The palace, given these premises, earns the nickname “Palazzo dei Monacielli”.

On Thursday July 5th, Residency 80121 wants to be in relationship with this peculiar legacy, discovering the current nature of the historical objects through sound vibrations, spoken words and bodily gestures. Residency 80121 invites Delia Gonzalez to begin a dialogue with the ghost in a mystical journey, playing with Diego De Rienzo. It is a initiatory ritual that awakens volcanic movements and invites us to dance with the “Monacielli”, the spirits of the past who keep the messages for a new catharsis, in a collective flow where everyone is called to immerse themselves. At sunset; the initiation, with the interventions of Fabio Cirillo and Matilde Cerruti Quara, who carry us in the cosmic and hypnotic sounds of Delia Gonzalez, through declamations and gestures in the exhibition halls of the museum. Under a golden sky, the collective energy will fluctuate to the apex of the catharsis and then, late at night, be let go to pure celebration alongside the rhythms of Alessandro Bava and Marco Pirolo.

Residency 80121, founded in Naples in 2017, under the artistic direction of Raffaela Naldi Rossano and the coordination of Mariagisella Giustino, aims to create a platform for research and sharing, to develop discussion and experimentation of contemporary art within specific contexts, singling out the identity of the territory.

80121 derives from the postal code of the Chiaia district in Naples, the childhood home of Naldi Rossano, whose artistic research of post historical identity and intergenerational transmission is intimately connected to the programme.
The opening exhibition for the activities of Residency 80121, Sulle Forme dell’Abitare, took place in an abandoned apartment belonging to Naldi Rossano’s family, which invited Zehra Arslan to reactivate the space in a dialogue between the self and the other, belonging and wandering.

Sulle Forme dell’Abitare will develop in annual editions, in which the subsequent artists will be invited to find their own way to inhabit the space, the headquarters of the association, to provide contemporary answers to an apparently static past and to build multiple layers of narratives and meanings.
The first edition of the residence programme, at Relais Regina Giovanna, directed by Gianluca Picone, in the coastal city of Sorrento, saw Zehra Arslan, Santiago Reyes Villaveces and Susanne Winterling as the invited artists, who spent a month together with Raffaela Naldi Rossano. The program was enriched with public events and a studio visit. The first edition concluded with “Otium Corruption and the Dash”, at Palazzo Marigliano in Naples, in which Jimmie Durham and Maria Thereza Alves also participated, under the support of MADRE.

Residency 80121’s programme has brought to light the absolute value of experiences involving the passage of time, within a connoted space, together with the one another. Time at the residence becomes a time for self growth, for sharing and acceptance of diversity and for the diffusion of practical and intellectual knowledge. The imperfect example of a utopian community but necessary in order to imagine a society for and with man. Naples, an anarchist by vocation, geographically welcoming and historically cosmopolitan, from the confines of Europe, acquires an ideally central position to experiment and enhance a humanistic, feminist and ecological discourse.

Through the performative event MONACIELLO DISCO, Residency 80121 wants to raise funds for the first of a series of annual publications, which will be footprints of the experiences developed within the territory and simultaneously serve as instruments for international circulation, to promote the city and shed light on its unexplored potential.
The first publication, a collective Artists Book, will be the container for new creative acts, with new narratives which the artists will be called to elaborate on as a recollection and a testimony to the true value of their experience.
Residency 80121 recalls its supporters to make this possible, celebrating them by way of an event, that places them not only in the role of spectators, but as real activators and creators of the event and the attitude which animates it, together with the invited artists.